Bobby’s story is a testament to his will to never give up and withstand even the cruelest blows of fate. This biography is a celebration of family and friendship – and an extraordinary ode to optimism.

About the book

After a highly successful launch in Europe, Bobby Dekeyser’s moving biography makes its U.S. debut. Not for Sale! recounts the tale of Dekeyser’s tumultuous path from a young professional soccer player, to the widely successful entrepreneur that he is today.

Bobby Dekeyser was only 15 when he decided to quit school for good and become a professional soccer player. One day, he simply got up in class and left, just like that. Within four years he had realized his dream and was the starting goalie for the premier German soccer club FC Bayern Munich. After a bad tackle and a serious injury, he reinvented himself, conceiving the beginnings of DEDON, one of the world’s leading luxury outdoor furnishing brands, while recuperating in the hospital. From the idyllic setting of a farm in Lower Saxony, Dekeyser, already a father of three, built a business with more than a thousand employees, breaking nearly every rule in the book of economics along the way.

A charismatic entrepreneur:
DEDON founder Bobby Dekeyser

"A uniquely inspiring book"

Welt am Sonntag, German Newspaper

"Utterly enthralling and absolutely worth reading"

Markus Lanz, TV presenter and producer

"Fascinating and amusing, but also thought-provoking"

Jean-Remy von Matt, entrepreneur

"The captivating story about a perfectly unconventional life path"

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